A Grand Prix spectator story

My beautiful 16-year-old cousin from California visited the summer of 1967. She came to Ohio to tour colleges. My uncle (who grew up with my dad in Moreland Hills) planned the trip around the Chagrin Valley Hunter Jumper Classic and Cleveland Grand Prix. While they had more than one reason to jaunt across the country, the third anniversary of North America\’s first grand prix beckoned. I remember sitting in the stands and watching, with awe, the horses and riders (and my cousin, of course) head around the course–especially the spectacular water jump.

In the 60s and through the 80s–the horse show was the place to be. The populations of entire towns turned out to tailgate or to partake in fare offered by local restaurants set up on the grounds. Fun family activities, boutique shopping, artists, carriage rides, educational activities abounded on the grounds.

Not much has changed–with the horse show, that is. It continues to offer wholesome family fun in an environment that offers something for everyone. You all are invited to a family-friendly event deeply rooted in Chagrin Valley history. Come for the food, shopping, educational activities and stay for the horses.

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