Grooms’ Class

To be held Saturday, July 13 (not before 4 pm) prior to Leadline and Mini Prix in front of Pavilion.

Open to professional grooms at the Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic to enter either the $2,500 Hunter Division or the $2,500 Jumper Division. Divisions may be combined if less than four entries. To be judged in-hand on showmanship, and the complete turnout of the horse. Conformation not to count. Grooming boxes may be inspected. Hunters and Jumpers should have appropriate tack for the division entered (such as properly fitted boots for Jumpers) and ring-side equipment (example: rain sheet/scrim, lead, etc). Groom’s attire should be what they would normally wear for the job.

Six ribbons and prize money to be awarded in each division as follows: First: $1,400 and ribbon, Second: $500 and ribbon, Third: $300 and ribbon, Fourth: $150 and ribbon, Fifth: $100 and ribbon, Sixth: $50 and ribbon.

Minimum four entries required to hold class and divisions can be combined if they don’t fill and prize money will be re-divided. For the purpose of this class, a groom cannot be a trainer or rider competing at CHJC and is expected to be a person whose primary role is as a horse show groom. The CHJC retains the right to refuse entries if not appropriately qualified.

Entry fee: Waived.

Entry Form Available in the Show Office. Entry form/bio must be fully completed to enter class. The groom will need to complete the entry form in the show office before Noon on July 13, as well as necessary paperwork including a W9 with Social Security number in order to receive prize money.

As the Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic (CHJC) celebrates 75 years of equestrian excellence, we are pleased to announce the return of the Grooms’ Class, a unique competition that honors the hard work and excellence of horse show grooms. The $5,000 CHJC Grooms’ Class includes the $2,500 Hunter Groom division and the $2,500 Jumper Groom divisions.

Popular in past years and making a comeback around the country, in the Grooms’ Class participants are asked to bring a show-ready, fully-tacked and booted horse to the ring. Grooms and their horses are judged on overall cleanliness, appropriate use and fit of tack, tack cleanliness, application of boots/wraps, neatness of clipping, braiding job, overall presentation, and their grooming box.

A panel of judges determines the winner in each division and ribbons are awarded with cash prizes. With so many nicely turned-out horses, the class is often determined by the details and how well prepared they are for their division, including possible changes in weather, tack changes, or malfunctions.

Those who wish to enter the Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic Grooms’ Class can do so in the horse show office. There is no entry fee, and entrants will be asked to complete an entry form and W-9 form in the show office (to receive prize money), and bio for the announcer to use during the class.

Supporting the Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic is a Kahn Family Tradition

The CHJC Grooms’ Class is made possible thanks to the support of Pam and Craig Kahn and their daughters, Caroline and Campbell. Long-time competitors and sponsors of the horse show, philanthropy is a tradition in the Kahn family. They wanted to bring back the Grooms’ Class, an event that hasn’t been held since the show was conducted at the Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field.

Pam Kahn commented, “The grooms work so hard, and we couldn’t be at the horse show without them. I am proud that we can bring back this important class. My daughters have never seen a grooms’ class, but I have. I love to see the horses turned-out so beautifully, and then the grooms proudly walk them up to the ring with their grooming boxes to be judged.”

The youngest of the three Kahn daughters, Campbell, 18, won the CHJC International Hunter Derby last year and has a passion for riding and showing. “Campbell was 7 or 8 when she started showing in Short Stirrup. She was a total ‘barn rat’ and would sit on anything. Now she has three jumpers and was recruited to SMU, for their reigning national D1 riding team. She will go there this fall,” Pam said.

Pam grew up riding in the Chagrin Valley and fondly remembers showing at the CHJC when Prescott Ball & Turben were sponsors. “It was such a great horse show and there are not a lot of older boutique horse shows now. Gone is that intimate feeling.” The Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic remains near and dear to her heart.

Although she is no longer competing, Pam continues to care for her 22-year-old retired show horse, Quiet Ruffy, as well as another retiree. In addition to showing Ruffy herself, her daughter Campbell rode him in competition.

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