Congratulations to all riders on a successful Schneiders Saddlery Opening Week! Division results are as follows:

$5000 Mini Prix courtesy of Leikin Motor Companies Mercedes-Benz of Willoughby & Volvo of Willoughby

Place                             Horse                                         Owner                                                  Rider

1st                                 Sky\’s Burnin\’ Blue                   Phoenix Cooke                                   Phoenix Cooke

2nd                                Aretina M                                 Stephanie Novas                                Sophia Zuckett

3rd                                 Valentijn                                   Iley Alexandria Fedai                       Iley Alexandria Fedai

4th                                 Abadan                                      Annie Irwin                                        Annie Irwin

5th                                  Billie Jean GCF                        Endia Peckham                                 Sergio Jimenez

6th                                  Ciro                                            Kate Shaughnessy                             Kate Shaughnessy

7th                                   Casalli                                       Heidi D\’Angelo                                  Heidi D\’Angleo

8th                                   Skywalker                                Catana Deskins Chrostowsk           Catana Deskins Chrostowsk

9th                                    Caitano 21                               Taylor Murray                                   Taylor Murray

10th                                  Raising the Bar                      Andrea Company                               Sara Ring

11th                                   Cerestilo Z                              Ian Lavery                                           Sergio Jimenez

$3500 Mini Hunter Derby sponsored by Key Private Bank

Place                                Horse                                      Owner                                                   Rider

1st                                  Undeniable                             Lori Hermann                                     Ava Tierney

2nd                                Candice                                    Colleen Donahey                                Megan Donahey

3rd                                 Bittersweet Symphony         Ellie Cascio                                           Ellie Cascio

4th                                  Catino                                      Elisabeth Geisse                                  Elisabeth Geisse

5th                                  Saltos                                       DE Show Stables                                  Anna Elghanayan

6th                                  Mia Amore                              Alan Rogers                                           Lily Rogers

7th                                  DiFranco                                  Jodi Fryar                                             McKenzie Evon

8th                                  Alpine\’s Luna                          McKenzie Evon                                    McKenzie Evon

NARHA Adult Equitation

Place                                 Horse                                      Owner                               Rider

1st                                     Elijandro                                 Stacey Friend                  Stacey Friend

2nd                                   Little Glen\’s Le Rocco           Jenna Hoy                       Carly O\’Hara

3rd                                    Saltos                                       DE Show Stables             Anna Elghanayan

4th                                    Ocean View                             Annie Irwin                      Annie Irwin

$250 Buckeye Veterinary Service Pony Classic

Place                                 Horse                                      Owner                               Rider

1st                                      Happy Days                          Emily Elek-Burtard        Jori Greene

2nd                                    Dipped in Chocolate           Wolf Creek Equestrian  Josie Ross

3rd                                     Hidden Springs Fenne       Dianne Randolph            Camilla Cort

4th                                     Helicon Country Rose         Dianne Randolph            Isabella Fabrizi

5th                                      Blue Monday                        Lawrence Lin                    Sydney Lin

6th                                      Best of All                              Stepping Stone Farm      Chloe Goodin

7th                                       My Dear Watson                 Nicole Dorcy                      Lily Oelschlager

8th                                       Why Not                               Lily Oelschlager                Lily Oelschlager

Children/Adult Jumper 3\’7\” Classic

Place                             Horse                                         Owner                                                  Rider

1st                                  Jonnas Corint                         Sarah Bagworth                                 Mikalah Singer

2nd                                Cantaluppi                               Colleen Donahey                               Megan Donahey

3rd                                 Zevenaar                                   Jennifer Daulton                               Jennifer Daulton

4th                                 Pull the Trigger                       Holly Huston                                      Elizabeth Brock

5th                                 Espoir Burggraaf                     Sandra Crabtree                                 Sandra Crabtree

Intermediate Child/Adult Jumper Classic

Place                             Horse                                         Owner                                                  Rider

1st                                Utility                                        DE Show Stables                                  Anna Elghanayan

2nd                               Unbelievable                           Equine Country Club                          Valerie Ziegler

3rd                                Jayashri                                    Stephanie Keough                               Tina Thompson

4th                                Dante                                         Karen Thrum-Ferreri                         Hailey Wetzel

5th                                 Slewpy Slew                             Andrea Company                                 Andrea Company

6th                                Grin-n-Bear-It                          Ashley Fryar                                         Ashley Fryar

7th                                 Bella Ragazza                            Victoria Krebs                                      Victoria Krebs

8th                                 Papillon                                      Sara O\’Brien                                         Katelyn Hohlfelder

9th                                 Pilatus                                         Lauren Bower                                       Lauren Bower

Buckeye Veterinary Service Low Children/Adult Jumper

Place                             Horse                                         Owner                                                  Rider

1st                                 Dressed in the Dark                Lindsey Brizendine                           Lindsey Brizendine

2nd                               Grey Flannel                             Betsy Lewis                                         Graciela Robert

3rd                                Tronador                                   Bochum Farm                                     Joanna Malson

4th                                Unbelievable                             Equine Country Club                        Valerie Ziegler

5th                                Ciano                                           Christie Schneckner                          Christie Schneckner

6th                                Resolute Soul                             Mary McKeon                                     Mary McKeon

7th                                Zandor                                         Lynn Giltinan                                     Lynn Giltnan

8th                               Ferragamo                                   Jennifer Daulton                               Jennifer Daulton

9th                               Caretana BZ                                 Taylor Repchick                                Taylor Repchick

Beginner Jumper Classic

Place                             Horse                                         Owner                                                  Rider

1st                                 Macadonia                                Tracy Fehring                                    Alexandra Duvin

2nd                               Slwepy Slew                              Andrea Company                              Andrea Company

3rd                                Escapade                                    Ann Winegar                                     Ann Winegar

3rd                                 Little Glen\’s Le Rocco            Jenna Hoy                                          Carly O\’Hara

5th                                 Mark Time                                Molly Gerber                                      Sara Ring

6th                                 EZ Dutch                                   Sara Ring                                             Sara Ring

7th                                 Ender                                          Catana Deskins Chrostowski          Catana Deskins Chrostowski

8th                                 Dante                                          Karen Thrum-Ferreri                       Hailey Wetzel

9th                                 Doc\’s Option                             Jamie Zeldan                                       Jamie Zeldan

Division                            Champion/Owner/Rider                                            Reserve/Owner/Rider

Very Green Hunter         No Problem/Jeff Gogul/Jeff Gogul                        Chemistry/Amanda Boggs/Stefanie Portman

Low Hunter                      Donguam Style/Ashley Fryar/DE Elghanayan

Mustang Du Reverdy/Madison Oliver/Brittany


Pre-Green Hunter            Ceilo Rouge/Alexandra Duvin/Samantha Cooper  Donguam Style/Ashley Fryar/DE


Baby Green Hunter          No Problem/Jeff Gogul/Jeff Gogul                            Rachstarr/Mary Armstrong/Heather

Froelich Cortell

Special Hunter                  Espree DeLaVida/Carly O\’Hara/Carly O\’Hara         Benvolio/Monica Dinicola/Lindsay Filley

Performance Hunter        Undeniable/Lori Hermann/Lindsay Filley               Willamina/Paulic Susan/Sergio Jimenez

Nonprofessional Hunter  Rio Cacique/Patricia Rogers/Lindsey Jeschelnig    Catino/Elisabeth Geisse o/r

Low Adult Hunter/

Charles Kinney, Jr. Memorial Hugo/Julia Hurt o/r                                               Donguam Style/Ash3\’6  ley Fryar o/r

Adult Amateur Hunter      Elijandro/Stacey Friend o/r                                         Rolling Stone/Lou Duloisy o/r

Junior/A-O Hunter 3\’3/3\’6  Ferragamo/Margot Horner                                      Espree DeLaVida/Carly O\’Hara

Low Children\’s Hunter          Alpine\’s Luna/McKenzie Evon                                D\’Artagnan/Graciela Robert

Children\’s Hunter                   Bittersweet Symphony/Ellie Cascio                       True to Me/Audrey King

Small Pony Working Hunter  Hidden Springs Fenn/Dianne Randolph             Blue Monday/Lawrence Lin/

Camilla  Cort                                                               Sydney Lin

Medium Pony Working

Hunter                                         Out of the Blue/Stepping Stone Farm/                 Happy Days/Emily Elek-Burtard/

Jori Greene                                                                 Jori Greene

Large Pony Working Hunter   Why Not/Lily Oelschlager o/r                                 Dipped in Chocolate/Wolf Creek

Equestrian Centre/Josie Ross

Green Pony Hunter                    Out of the Blue/Stepping Stone Farm/                  She\’s a Keeper/Isabella Fabrizi o/r

Jori Greene

Children\’s Pony Hunter             Cherrybrook Simply/Isabella Dinicola/                Masquuerade/Elizabeth Roney o/r

Ava Tierney

Short Stirrup Hunter                   Pajama Party/Cindy Foster/Paula Loudermilk   Cherrybrook Simply/Isabella

Dinicola/Alessandra Dinicola

Walk/Trot/Crossrails                   Lemony Snickets/Royal Pointe Show Stables/       Mickey Mouse/Bochum Farm/

Lucia Bando                                                                    Emilia George

Walk/Trot/Canter/Crossrail       Mickey Mouse/Bochum Farm/Emilia George        Strawberry Field/Royal Pointe

Stables/Mia Bando

Limit Rider                                      Cherrybrook Simply/Isabella Dinicola o/r                Let\’s Kick It/Ashley Wells/

Sydney Richmond

Novice Rider: Gabor

Francia-Kiss Memorial                 Secret Work of Art/Abigail Gilman o/r                      Texas/Maria Schimer/Elaina


Open Equitation 2\’6                      Benvolio/Monica Dinicola/Isabella Dinicola              Mr. Steal Your Girl/Maia


Open Equitation 2\’9 – 3\’               Undeniable/Lori Herrmann/Ava Tierney                   Rocmadeus/Jennifer Nadalin/

Abby Heublein

Beginner Jumper                           Macadonia/Tracy Fehring/Maria Kneipp                    Escapade/Ann Winegar

Samantha Cooper

Training Jumper                            Rocmadaeus/Jennifer Nadlin/Abby Heublein

Resolute Soul/Mary McKeon o/r

Intermediate Child/Adult

Jumper – Jumbo Cooney

Memorial                                         Utility/D.E. Show Stables/Anna Elghanayan             Bella Ragazza/Victoria Krebs o/r

Low Child/Adult Jumper              Ciano/Christie Schneckner o/r                                    Dressed in the Dark/Lindsey

Brizendine o/r



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