Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic Announces Increased Prize Money, Schedule Additions and a Slate of Top Judges

Chagrin Falls, Ohio—March 14, 2024—The Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic (CHJC) will return to Chagrin Valley Farms in Bainbridge, with Opening Unrated Weekend July 5-7, Riders with Disabilities competition on July 8, and the expanded USEF Rated Week July 10-14, 2024.

The CHJC horse show schedule has been extended one additional day during the nationally USEF/USHJA rated week. Prize money will be increased by 25 percent over 2023, and new class or divisions include a Short Stirrup/Limit Hunter Challenge, Low Adult/Childrens Hunter division, Future Hunter 2-foot division, and a Beginner Jumper Non-Professional Classic.

The response has been very positive since the horse show settled into its new home at Chagrin Valley Farms after suspending activity at the Cleveland Metroparks Polo Field in 2021. Last year saw a 30 percent increase in entries that resulted in a sell-out of available stalls. This year organizers are building a new tent pad and ordering a large stabling tent similar to those used when the show was held at the Polo Field. The tent will allow for the expansion of more than 100 stalls if needed, based on the entries.

The tentative schedule for the horse show is available on the new website  (pending USEF’s final approval). Judges for the rated show are listed as Kathy Doyle Newman of Upperville, Va. and Wendy Trocano of Orlando, Fla. for hunters and equitation, and Mike Moran of Mounds, Okla. for the jumpers. For opening weekend, Mike Moran will officiate, and Frank Conway of Georgetown, Ky., and Kathleen Stamps of Oxford, Ga., will judge hunters and equitation.

“The nonprofit Board that runs the Chagrin Hunter Jumper Classic is very pleased that we are on target to continue the growth we started last year. Our goals are to build back the horse show, host more trainers and add more stalls and horses and broaden attendance from around the region,” said Karen Schneider Co-Chair.

Schneider recently retired as Mayor of the Village of Gates Mills, Ohio, and compared running a horse show to running a Village. “We continue to operate slow and steady and stay under the radar. We grew last year and will continue that growth slow and steady as we focus on operating a first-class horse show for our exhibitors, with the quality of the event and facility. We will continue to offer special hospitality attractions, like our wine and cheese event under the pavilion, for competitors, trainers, and parents. On Monday, we host a lunch for our competitors and families during the Riders with Disabilities horse show,” she explained.

The beautiful hospitality pavilion, built to replicate the 30 x 60-foot pavilion at the Polo Field, will host more events this year, including an opening weekend cook out for exhibitors and their guests. A special horse show open house event for the public is also being planned for opening weekend.

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